Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email stating I had a "secure message" waiting for me. What does this mean?
This means you have results to review. Please log into your portal account to review these results.
I can't remember my password and need to reset it. I can't find an option to reset my password on the website. Why?
In compliance with HIPAA to protect your health information, we do not offer a "reset your password" option. Please use the Support for assistance with your password or call Katie at 703-738-5724.
I don't remember/know my Patient ID, what do I do?
Your Patient ID is your account number. It is located on your receipt and on your ID Card if you received one at a recent visit. You may call the office or use the Support link to ask for this information. Please be sure to include your DOB along with your name.
I don't want to pay by credit card over the Internet or phone. How else can I pay?
You can contact Katie at 703-738-5724 or via the support link for another payment method.
Can I email my provider using the Support Link?
We do not provide email communication with your provider.
Can spouses sign one another up for portal?
No. Each patient must sign up on their own to protect their health information.
How do I view my labs once in the portal?
Click on Lab Results from the left hand column and click on the date in green to view and print your results.
I have a question about results after viewing online. What is the best way to contact my provider?
Please call Ballston Urgent Care at 571-405-2822. DO NOT use the Support link for medical questions.
Where do I view my provider's comment regarding my labs?
The message from your provider will be in the yellow box displayed at the top of your lab results.